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Advisory Panel

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We are proud to announce the very valued members of our Retreats Resources Advisory Panel.
Alexa Berube, Reposite
Alexa Berube
Ashley Parker, Langham
Ashley Parker
Ashton Burks Gelineau - Rosewood Le Guanahani | Rosewood Little Dix Bay
Ashton Burks Gelineau
Rosewood Le Guanahani | Rosewood Little Dix Bay
Betsy Grey, Melia International
Betsy Grey
Melia International
Hans Rood, Transcend River Cruises
Hans Rood
Transcend River Cruises
Hilary Meisel, Auberge Resorts Collection
Hilary Meisel
Auberge Resorts Collection
Jackie Morris, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Jackie Morris
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Jennifer Ludwig, Maritz
Jennifer Ludwig
Joann Chmura, Institutional Investor
Joann Chmura
Institutional Investor
JoAnne Oncea, HelmsBriscoe
JoAnne Oncea
John Williams, American Guest
John Williams
American Guest
Joost de Meyer, First Incentive Travel
Joost de Meyer
First Incentive Travel
Karen Ma, Wilson Perumal
Karen Ma
Wilson Perumal
Kate Demarest, GitLab
Kate Demarest
Kelly McAlister, Maui Jim
Kelly McAlister
Maui Jim
Kim Carmichael, Michelin North America
Kim Carmichael
Michelin North America
Laura Synder, Crowe, LLP
Laura Synder
Crowe, LLP
Lauren Snell Dejmal, AGCO
Lauren Snell Dejmal
Laurie Hawkins, Power Plan
Laurie Hawkins
Power Plan
Marina O'Leary, Aurora Anguilla
Marina O'Leary
Aurora Anguilla
Matthew Ronk, Assoc VP LaMont Assoc.
Matthew Ronk
Assoc VP LaMont Assoc.
Megan McHale, Rocco Forte Hotel Group
Megan McHale
Rocco Forte Hotel Group
Michele Battaline, American Financial Services Assn
Michele Battaline
American Financial Services Assn
Mike Greto, White Cap, L.P.
Mike Greto
White Cap, L.P.
Nanci Gage, Proton Therapy Partners
Nanci Gage
Proton Therapy Partners
Patti Levey, NY State Rheumatology Society
Patti Levey
NY State Rheumatology Society
Paula Finn, Independent Event Planner
Paula Finn
Independent Event Planner
Robin Prakesh, The Palm Beaches
Robin Prakesh
The Palm Beaches
Sam Bixby, CWT (United Healthcare)
Sam Bixby
CWT (United Healthcare)
Sheri Hines, Sheri Hines Events
Sheri Hines
Sheri Hines Events
Stephen Valliere, Primland and Dunlin
Stephen Valliere
Primland and Dunlin
Summer Boots, YPO Texas Gulf Coast
Summer Boots
YPO Texas Gulf Coast
Teresa Brady, PlanOnIt
Teresa Brady
Toria Burch, Bank of America
Toria Burch
Bank of America
Wendy Jones, Capital Protocol
Wendy Jones
Capital Protocol
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