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August, 2015

1 Hotel South Beach

Putting Ideas Into Action

  • The hotel re-used over two tons of materials during the renovation. Also, Meyer Davis Studio, who led the design of the hotel, restaurant and fitness center, used loads of natural textures from reclaimed woods to natural poured and polished concrete floors to other locally sourced materials into the design of the hotel. 
  • The minibar has a Triple Clear Water filtered water dispenser. 
  • The shower has custom toiletry dispensers. Additionally, the bath amenities come in packaging that lists other uses for those cotton swabs and Q-tips. 
  • The glasses in the rooms are made from recycled wine bottles
  • The closet hangers are made out of recycled paper and they actually list what kind of recycled paper they were made from. 
  • Instead of disposable slippers, the rooms come with socks you can take home and wear over and over again. (There's also a yoga mat in the closet to use during your stay, as well as super soft sweatshirt hoodie robes)  
  • The property is not entirely paper-free, but it is trying to be. Which is why the nightstand comes with a chalk note pad instead of pen and paper. There's also in-room Nexus phone with a 1 Hotel "Field Guide" app that serves as the guest information book.  
  • There are no cut flowers anywhere on site. Because cutting flowers is murdering them.  
  • Housekeeping places a sprig of herb in a little test tube bottle on the door to let you know they are "freshening up" the room.  
  • The Do Not Disturb signs were made from the boxes that all the materials shipped to the hotel were in. The hotel reused the box cardboard to create these special signs. 
  • There's a giant living wall out front, where the number "1" lights up each night.  
  • The elevators are energy-efficient
  • The linens are organic and the hemp mattresses are from Keetsa. 
  • HEPA air filters are used throughout hotel.  
  • The house car is a white Tesla.  
  • The 1 Hotel brand has its own Director of Impact

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